Bolujoko Gbenga
3 min readNov 26, 2020

Installing word-press is a quite easy but long process, no worries, you will be taken through a step by step process on how to install and get your word-press running on your local PC.

To begin, You will need to download and install an open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package(Xampp Preferably).

after installing Xampp, move to the control panel of Xampp in the folder created automatically while installing it ,start the Apache and MySql server,

after which you will be required to download the word-press zip file and extract the file after downloading, Rename the folder with a name of your choice (mine-word),copy the extracted word-press folder and paste it in a sub-folder called HTDOCS in the Xampp folder.

Almost done, now open a browser(chrome preferably) then search for localhost/phpmyadmin,

this will take you to a database server created by the xampp, you will be required to create a database and give it any name of your choice (Mine-Gbenga’s word-press).

Create a new tab and search for localhost/word(the name you gave the wordpress folder)

click on LET’S GO

Below you should enter your database connection details,
DATABASE NAME- Gbenga’s word-press(same as the one created in the database)


PASSWORD- (delete whatever was there and leave it empty)
DATABASE HOST- localhost(leave it as it is)

TABLE PREFIX- wp_(leave it as it is)

then submit

run the installation

fill the above with your preferred details

that’s all.