Kandyland: “The Greatest NFT CINEMATIC in history”.

Bolujoko Gbenga
3 min readMar 5, 2023


I have never been thrilled about a web 3 project as i am with kandyland, and here are some of the reasons why i’m thrilled and expectant as kandyland in collaboration with GoldenLane look to take web 2 and web 3 by storm!

Goldenlane in collaboration with Kandyland

Web2 folks hate Web3, in fact, they see it as a scam and in bid to solve this problem, to build a bridge, many web3 brands and projects have made countless attempts, some futile, some less effective attempts to onboard the mass of web2 into the beauty and technology of web3, and the reason they’ve failed is because of their approach to this problem, why would you force me to eat what i hate? wouldn’t it make me hate it the more? exactly!

Masked man as shocked as i am

Looking at the approach Kandyland has taken, you can obviously see from a long distance that it’s going to work, in fact, it’s already working, they formed partnership with GOLDENLANE, a horror animation studio that already has an existing wide reach in web 2, with over 1.8million Youtube subscribers, over 330million views across their posts, Youtube is a content sharing platform everyone uses, where else is a better place to carry out your marketing than with a studio that has a wide reach on Youtube? this is no wonder why the reveal of kandyland’s second character Suzy Snack time got over 2million impressions as at october last year, do you realise how crazy that is?? actually mind blowing, this is what you call effective marketing, it says allot about the brain behind Kandyland.

Suzy Snacktime’s reveal
Suzy Snacktime

Now let’s talk a stretch about Kandyland, i personally would give them the title of the GREATEST NFT CINEMATIC in history, not only because of their approach, but because of the concept the whole thing carries, ever seen a beautiful horror? at the sight of the eye catching, yet terrific characters, anyone would be interested in this, this is another reason why kandyland is one of the most anticipated NFT Brand launch, as i would not like to call it a project, it is bigger than that!

With 2 released episodes and 5 revealed characters, KandyLand has taken web3 by a storm and it’s only a matter of time before web2 feels the wave as well. This is one i’m absolutely thrilled about and would do everything in my powers to get on board, you can too, follow some of the links below to get more informations on how you can get onboard

Suzy Snacktime holding a kandypass

RAFFLE LINK: https://kandyland.io/app/ref/gbengatheboy2
TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@kandyland.io
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/@GoldenLaneStudio
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kandyland_io
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kandyland.io